Network Infrastructure

RNG directly accesses 7 Tier-1 data centers located strategically around the world to provide direct access to the Internet backbones. These data centers have been built to withstand the toughest physical and network conditions.

Data Center
Each data centers is built to ensure your servers are protected. Electric connections and HVAC systems have N 1 configurations to maximize redundancy.

  • Multiple power feeds from independent utility stations
  • N 1 UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system
  • MGE and PowerWare UPS units with diesel generators
  • N 1 HVAC system with Liebert units
  • Telco grade fire suppression system with pre-action dry pipes
  • NOC (Network Operation Center)staffed with engineers 24/7

Huge pipes that can handle demanding bandwidth make up the foundation of the data center's network infrastructure. High bandwidth, high performance hosting is what we specialize in at RNG.

To handle our immense traffic, the data centers have connections ranging from OC-12s to Gigabit Ethernets to Global Crossing, Level 3, MCI, Qwest, and UUNet. In addition to the backbone providers, we have access to additional connections to various regional connection providers.

The data centers only utilize enterprise level Cisco, Foundry, and Juniper networking hardware. To handle multi-homes connections, the data centers employ BGP4 routing through our CISCO Edge routers to select the fastest path for our Internet traffic.

The data centers employ the highest level of security to provide hosting for critical applications and sensitive data. Each room has restricted access to authorized personnel only.

  • 24/7 closed-circuit motion-sensitive video surveillance
  • Biometric fingerprint verification access
  • Proximity keycard access
  • Check points maintained by security guards


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